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Oil, Lube, Filter

Wayne's Tire can help you keep your engine clean and running smooth.
The key to maintaining engine longevity is simple: frequent oil changes. The oil, along with the filter, should be changed regularly for maximum engine performance.
The role of oil in a car’s engine is to protect internal parts and provide lubrication against wear. Because the oil is continually circulating throughout the engine, however, over time it breaks down and accumulates substances such as dust, metallic shavings, condensation, and even antifreeze that can damage internal engine parts.
The oil filter works to trap and remove debris and other contaminants. When the oil filter becomes saturated, the oil is no longer “cleaned” and the risks posed by contaminants intensify. Oil pressure can also suffer once the filter becomes clogged. As a result, fuel economy decreases and the risk of emissions increases along with the potential for engine failure.
Change your oil and oil filters according to the recommendation in your owner's manual or follow the "every 3 months or 3000 miles" rule of thumb for getting an oil change.
At Wayne's an Oil, Lube and Filter job will include...
  • Changing oil filter
  • Checking air filter
  • Checking and top off all fluids
  • Lubricating all fittings
  • Checking engine for leaks
  • Checking belts and hoses
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Checking entire undercarriage

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Importance of Changing Oil