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Mufflers And Exhaust

Visit the Wayne's Tire Muffler and Exhaust And Catalytic Converter specialists at our SAN LUIS OBISPO Location.


The exhaust system consists of the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, muffler and tailpipe. The system performs three important jobs: it carries exhaust gases away from the engine, it quiets the engine via the muffler, and it helps control pollution with a a catalytic converter. The exhaust systems one weakness is its vulnerability to corrosion. Original equipment exhaust systems usually have stainless steel head pipes (the pipe between the exhaust manifold and catalytic converter) and converter shells, and aluminized pipe to resist corrosion. But after three or four years, the muffler and tailpipe often need to be replaced. Many newer vehicles are equipped with stainless steel exhaust systems that typically last 7 to 10 years.


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