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Computerized Alignment

Proper wheel alignment reduces tire wear, improves performance, and ensures that a vehicle travels in a straight line.




Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment



At Wayne's we can assure your car is properly aligned. Everything from components wearing out to a bump in the road can cause your wheels to shift out of alignment. This could result in one of three different problems:


Camber: The wheels are tilted either inward or outward. This will create pulling and tire wear.


Toe: A change in the distance between the front and back of the rear tires. This will wear on the tires, too.


Caster: A backward or forward tilt at the top of the wheel's spindle support arm. This will cause either loose or difficult steering.


How does it work?

When your wheels are properly aligned, you'll get better gas mileage; your tires will last longer; steering will be easier; your ride will be smoother; and, most importantly, the drive will be safer.


How do you recognize a problem?

Several ways: is your steering wheel straight when you are driving? Does your car pull to one side? Does your steering wheel vibrate? Do you notice uneven tire wear? Does your steering feel loose, or is it difficult to control? Use this guide to inspect your tires.
Inspect your tires periodically. A number of different things can affect your tires - from alignment to suspension components to improper inflation of tires. If you recognize any of these symptoms, bring your car in for a free inspection.